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#estutnichtwehOur organization

Our history

It all started with an alpine crossing where mountain guide, #ETNW-founder and president Renate Steinacher picked up trash to take it down to the valley, as always. When asked by a fellow wanderer why she did that, her quick response was: "Because it won't hurt!" The idea was born and in December 2018  Renate founded the non-profit organization "#estutnichtweh“ (short: #ETNW; English: "#itwonthurt").

Our philosophy

or in short: here's where we come from

We do what we love: we explore the mountains and if we spot garbage on our way, we just pick it up and take it home. Because if everyone out there makes just a small effort en route, in sum this will have a huge impact on our environment. It won't hurt to get active.

Our mission

Our initial goal is to free our mountains from litter. But this is only the beginning. From the mountain tops down to the valleys, along the river banks and into the cities we want to make our world cleaner, make conservation and sustainability the talk of the town and invite people to participate in our movement. Together we will reduce our overall environmental footprint.


Our vision

Ultimately, we want to help drive change and build a better future for us and the coming generations. It’s not only about how we protect our ecosystem, but also how we interact with our environment and the people around us - around the globe. Making small changes in our everyday lives makes a big impact on our world.

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Our team

We're a good mix of athletes, creatives, managers and lawyers – and that's exactly what makes us strong. Our love for the outdoors is what unites us. That's why, even after countless hours, days and nights of voluntary work we're still on fire for the NGO and the idea behind #ETNW. Because mountain trash takes a hike with us.